Tianhe-2: The Fastest Super Computer in the world...

Tianhe-2: The successor to the Tianhe-1A

China developed the fastest super computer by defeating super computer of USA. Tianhe-2 is being developed in the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou.

TH-2 system is based on Intel multicore (Ivy Bridge) and coprocessors (Xeon Phi). There are a number of features of the TH-2 that are:
  • Chinese in origin
  • Kylin Linux as the operating system, 
  • The TH-Express 2 interconnection network,
  • The Galaxy FT-1500 16-core processor, 
  • The OpenMC programming model, 
  • Their high density package, 
  • The apparent reliability and scalability of the system etc.

More Details about Tianhe-2 

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